What Should I do?

What should I do if my civil rights were violated by the police?

Keep your mouth shut, first of all.  Secondly, call an experienced civil rights attorney as soon as possible.  The majority of attorneys out there are not experienced in this area of the law and may not be able to properly advise you.  If you call us and we are not interested in your case, we will refer you to someone who can.  

What should I do if I have been injured in an automobile accident? 

The absolute most important thing you should do, with the exception of medical treatment, is to contact a West Virginia Trial Lawyer as soon as possible., i.e., before you speak with the insurance company.  You can almost always get a free consultation.  We always offer free consultations in injury cases, either over the phone or in person.  

What should I do if I suffered an injury that was not the result of an automobile accident?

As with an auto accident injury, the absolute most important thing you should do, besides being medically treated, is to contact a West Virginia Trial Lawyer as soon as possible.  Again, you should do this before you speak with the insurance company, and before you give a statement to anybody.  Your rights must be preserved.  Almost all experienced West Virginia personal injury lawyers will give you a free consultation.  We always do, and will gladly answer your questions.

What should I do if I am being investigated, suspected, or charged with a crime?

Keep your mouth shut.  Hire a well-respected criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible – before you do anything else.  And don’t speak with anyone about the matter for any reason, unless it is with the advice of your attorney.  And even then, you may want to still keep your mouth shut and hire another attorney.

What should I do if I am facing a divorce?

As with other types of cases, the most important thing you should do is to consult an attorney that practices in this area as soon as possible.  Many people who are facing divorce still refuse to speak with a lawyer, despite the obvious divorce looming in their future.  Unfortunately, the result is that mistakes are made which could have been prevented by simply speaking with a divorce lawyer.  Do not make this mistake, because it could cost you.  Your visit with a divorce attorney will be confidential, though there will be a consultation fee.


Where are you available in West Virginia?

We accept civil rights cases and cases involving serious injury or death statewide in West Virginia, and are available in all 55 West Virginia counties.  With respect to other types of cases, it depends.  We will approach each matter on a case-by-case basis.  For some cases, it may be cost-prohibitive for us to accept the case.  In others there may be no problem.  We will be glad to listen to your situation and give you a prompt response on whether or not we would be interested in pursuing the case.  

We are certainly available for all types of cases in Monroe County, Greenbrier County and Summers County, West Virginia.

Do I have to travel to your office for a consultation?

No.  We certainly welcome you to do so.  Our Union office is completely handicapped accessible with a large private parking lot, and we are dedicated to offering you an inviting and comforting atmosphere in which to discuss your legal dilemmas.  However, if you can’t come to us, we can either come to you, or we can consult over the telephone. We have numerous clients who live outside West Virginia – including North Carolina, Virginia, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, Ohio, California, Maryland, Illinois and Colorado, and we have grown accustomed to handling West Virginia cases for out-of-state clients.

We also have an office conveniently located in downtown Lewisburg, West Virginia, with private parking, and also handicap-accessible.

Fees and Billing Policies

Do you offer free consultations?

Yes.  However, we do not offer them in every type of case.  You can call our office toll-free at 1-888-54-JBLAW, or via our online contact form to set up a consultation.  We should be able to tell you quickly whether your situation would qualify for a free consultation.  We offer free consultations in any case involving serious injury or death.  We offer free consultations in many other types of situations.  In all other types of situations we will gladly schedule you for a consultation, but a consultation fee will be required.

What are your billing policies for personal injury or wrongful death cases?

We charge a contingency fee.  In other words, there are no fees unless and until we actually recover money for the client.  If we lose the case, there are no fees.  If we win or settle the case, the fees will be a standard percentage of the recovery amount.

What are your billing policies for other types of cases?

It depends.  There are other types of cases that we will take on a contingency fee, such as civil rights  and wrongful termination cases.  For other types of cases we charge either fixed fees or an hourly rate, depending on each client’s particular circumstances, as well as the characteristics of the case.  With both fixed fees and hourly billing, we require a retainer fee or initiation fee to be paid prior to our firm accepting any responsibility on the case.  The amount of the retainer or initiation fee will vary depending on the type of case and each client’s particular circumstances.  We will not give fee quotations until we spoken to the client at length about the matter and have decided that we can accept the case.


Another attorney quoted me a lower retainer amount to take my non-injury case, why should I pay more to retain you?

In a non-injury / death case, we require a retainer fee in an amount sufficient to allow us to properly handle your case.  Successful legal results do not magically happen.  They are achieved through hard work, experience and skill. And litigation is always expensive.  If other retainer quotations you received from another attorney seem to good to be true, it may be a bad sign.  Low fees usually mean one of two things: either the attorney is hard-up for work (which can either mean that he/she is inexperienced or just not very good) or the attorney does not reasonably expect to finish handling the case within the quoted fee (which means that the quoted amount is no indication of how much you may end up paying). 

And lastly, make no mistake about it, trial skills and persuasiveness play an enormous part in the success or failure of your case.  There are many choices for attorneys out there.  Understand that your choice of attorney will play a huge part in how your case is presented at trial, which in turn decides your fate.  And even if your case does not go to trial, the other party usually settles based on fear of what might happen should the case go to trial.  Attorneys are vastly different.  Some have proven records of winning at trial, and some do not.  Many attorneys avoid even the possibility of going to trial.  Know who you are hiring beforehand. We are proud to have a record of taking cases to trial often – and winning.  In hiring us, you can be confident that you are getting three things: (1) passionate representation; (2) aggressive representation; and (3) an attorney who has been tested, and proven, in some of the most difficult trials imaginable.

When hiring a lawyer for a non-injury case, a good rule of thumb is, if you can afford to lose, you can feel justified in paying as little as possible.  But if you can’t afford to lose, your going to have to retain a capable attorney to invest a large amount of time into your situation.  This usually separates the frivolous cases from the deadly serious ones.  We prefer to accept the latter.

Of course, in an injury or death case, and even in some other types of cases, we take the case on a contingency fee.  In other words, there are no attorney fees unless and until we recover money for the client, in which case we get a standard percentage.