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John Bryan

I am a West Virginia Trial Attorney.  I hope you never need my services, but if you were wrongfully injured, or if you are facing a serious legal problem, please contact me.  Call me toll-free at 1-888-54-JBLAW.

I believe that every client deserves:

(1) An attorney who is Passionate about your case and your cause.  

(2) An attorney who is Aggressive in prosecuting your case.  

(3) An attorney who has been tested and Proven in the courtroom.  

Don't Settle For Less.

I am proud to have a record of trying cases often - and winning.  And when your fate depends on somebody else standing up and speaking for you, I believe you will be proud to have me speak for you as well.  I am available statewide in West Virginia.  My practice is devoted exclusively to trial law.

I truly hope you never need my help.  But if you do, I am here for you.  

Serious Injury and Death Cases                         Civil Rights Cases

Auto Accidents                                                  Wrongful Arrest

Truck Accidents                                                 Police Misconduct

Motorcycle Accidents                                        Excessive Force

Workplace Injuries                                            Sexual Harrassment

Civil Lawsuits                                                   Criminal Defense

Bank Fraud                                                        Serious Felonies

Appraisal Fraud                                                 Misdemeanors

Breach of Contract                                            Criminal Appeals

Real Estate Boundary Disputes                          Private Investigation

Right of Way Disputes                                       Co-counsel and Consulting

Divorce and Custody in West Virginia Family Courts

Highly Contested Divorce

Highly Contested Custody

Domestic Violence Accusations

West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

At JOHN BRYAN LAW, we are experienced West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys, handling most types of personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Investigations must be performed and legal rights need to be preserved as soon as possible.  At JOHN BRYAN LAW, we always offer a free consultation and are willing to answer questions whether or not you decide to hire us.  We focus on all areas of personal injury and wrongful death.

 - Motor Vehicle Wrecks: motor vehicle accidents , including car accident injury cases, truck accident claims , and motorcycle wrecks

 - Workplace Injuries: We also are experienced at handling West Virginia Workplace Injury claims, such as injuries which occur at coal mines, construction sites, and even in office buildings and banks.

 - Premises Liability: From dog bites to slip-and-falls , and from private homes to commercial businesses, we work hard to help our clients recover financial compensation to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages due to property owner negligence.

 - Serious Injuries: Victims of motor vehicle wrecks and other types of accidents oftentimes suffer catastrophic, serious injuries , such as brain damage, spinal cord damage, severe back, neck and shoulder injuries, limb disfigurement, and injuries to children.  At JOHN BRYAN LAW, we can help you and your family cope with serious injury, and to get the compensation you deserve from the insurance companies.

 - Wrongful Death: Deaths caused by the negligence of others often leaves shattered families and harsh realities.  We meet with family members and guide them through the difficult aftermath of a wrongful death .  Although no amount of compensation can replace a lost loved one, we work hard to acheive justice for those left behind, and to obtain financial compensation from insurance companies.

West Virginia Civil Trial Lawyers

At JOHN BRYAN LAW, we pride ourselves on our trial skills.  We are experienced at litigating difficult civil cases through the state and federal courts of West Virginia.  We have built a reputation for our willingness to sue or defend any case, anytime, and anywhere in the State of West Virginia for our clients.  We have the skill, manpower and the resources necessary to investigate, litigate, and acheive results.